Book A Tour/Lecturer

Because the whole project is still in the development phase, it won’t be possible yet to book an official tour right now. However, Christoph Neubauer would like to be able to test the offered tours before they go public. Therefore, he needs a testing environment, which represents the challenges such a newly developed project has to overcome before it goes public. Christoph Neubauer lets a selected audience test the VR-tours already. If you are interested in participating in the development of the project, you can book such a developer tour.


VR-Tour: from Euro 300,- (this special price is only available during the testing phase)
Lectures: from Euro 400,-

Because of possible extra costs resulting in traveling expenses, costs for hotel or for special equipment needed for presentation on specific locations the final cost of a VR-tour or a lecture can only predicted once all the details are known.
After receiving your request for a VR- tour or a lecture we will contact you shortly to discuss the details and present you with a price offer.

Please use this form for a non-binding booking request.