After discontinuing the work on the production of more documentaries Christoph Neubauer shifted his focus towards his work as an author. He already published the book “Die Reichskanzlei – Architektur der Macht” covering the construction history of the Reich Chancellery.
In the years to come Christoph Neubauer is planning to publish a complete new series of books. In those books he will release the scientific findings he made during the process of the 3D- reconstruction of the Reich Chancellery. To each of the different offered VR- tours he will publish a book which will accompany the tour by providing additional details regarding the specific parts of the Reich Chancellery shown during the VR-tour. The books will provide all the information which could not be told during the VR-tour because of the limited time available during a tour.
Besides the scientific information the book will provide the reader with additional visuals. The high quality colour renderings published in the books will not only illustrate the text but also extend the knowledge of the reader by seeing the building from perspectives he did not see during the tour. All the images presented in the books will be created from the 3D-modell. The books can stand for their own but will provide a good preparation for a planned VR-tour as well as an extension of knowledge for people who already finished taking a tour.

Cover Die-Reichskanzlei - Band 1

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