Support the Project

If you would like to support the development of this project, there are three different ways to do so:

1. Simplest way – donate money using PayPal. Money is always needed because the research takes time and archives do charge money for replications of documents desperately needed to recreate the chancellery using original construction plans.

2. Another effective way to offer support is by donating archive material directly to the creator. Every single private photograph taken of the chancellery from before or after the war is an upmost importance to the creator Christoph Neubauer. If you do have any private photographs (official ones might be already part of the projects reference archive) it would be very helpful if you could send them to the address in our Imprint. We would scan them and send the originals back to you.  You can also send us your digital photos through email. Because we will only need the photographs as a source of information we will never publish them or use them in any other manner, without your prior clear given consent.

3. Spread the word, please share our link and webpage! Let other people know about the project and help create a community interested in keeping this important part of our history alive and vibrant.  

4. Help translating this web page! If you speak a language, besides German or English, please help us to translate the content into the language you speak. It would help to extend the audience and to extend the amount the web page can reach.